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I write because I’m trying to love others and myself. It is a way of getting to. Writing is raising the silenced and inaudible voices to heard. I can’t let things go: I like the challenge of finding the words to remake the moment again. The constant translation of events, situations, and emotions keep my brain turned-on. I like to be turned-on. It is truly, the times when I feel safe. Free to take risk, to emote, and to be led by imagination without fear. Sometimes, I need a knife, a lover, a priest, a compass, and the poem offers direction, listens, loves, and stabs. It allows me to not be while still being. So writing is restorative, recuperative and permits me to ask myself vulnerable questions about my own who-ness and humanness. Arisha White, from Why Do I Write (via violentwavesofemotion)

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GOB prod by. Crizzle Mac ft Tonio Casimiro.

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Just a beat I made using an Al Green sample

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Many times I get depressed but I move on because I have to. God requires this from me Sister Souljah (The Coldest Winter)

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